About Us

Kwēn Boutique was created to empower and inspire women from all walks of life through fashion.  At Kwēn Boutique, we believe clothing is your first language andwomen should be able to speak and express who they are through their wardrobe. With a mixture of classy, sophisticated, and chic apparel, we make clothing that’s affordable making it convenient for ladies to define who they are.  Kwēn Boutique stands on the notion that everyone deserves to look their best, but at a fraction of the cost.  

Woman express their inner feelings of confidence outwardly in their attire.  Whether they are CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers, or just the girl next door, women have broken barriers and they rule and run the world.  Kwēn Boutique is preparing these and other women to look their very best for whatever role they play in society. 

Kwēn Boutique is an online fashion site that is owned and operated by Ky’Asia Monet Walker.  Being that we have the women’s image at heart, we service and ship anywhere and everywhere around the world.  With the high-trend, high-quality products we produce, we are assured that once you wear clothing from Kwēn Boutique, you will be totally satisfied and will feel like the DIVA you were created to be. If by chance you are not satisfied, we will do what’s necessary to make it right.



Meet our CEO KyAsia Walker